Mino Cinelu & friends

Mino Cinelu began his musical journey as a child by learning to play the guitar. He went on to develop an affinity and passion for the drum set along with various types of percussive instruments during his early years of musical maturation. By the time he had turned sixteen, Cinelu was a professional musician traveling between London and New York for gigs and recording sessions. During his travels, he collaborated with a vast number of musicians whose differing musical inclinations, be they in jazz, funk, rap, electro, flamenco, and pop, were as varied as the prestige of each artist – Miles Davis, Sting, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Lou Reed, Vicente Amigo, and Stevie Wonder.




Mino Cinelu & friends – FirstLive Showcase, August 19  (unedited studio cut).  Mino was joined by world-reknowned musicians.  This particular clip is Mino Cinelu, Gregoire Maret, and JC Maillard.   Both the audio and video of this clip is recorded and mixed live – no audio or video post production.

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